Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How to choose the best dog ramp - three key factors to consider

Choosing the dog ramp that is right for you you can be considered a nightmare. There are quite a few types of dog ramps available and it is easy to make the wrong decision which means that you become the proud owner of the wrong ramp. To try to help you to choose the right dog ramp for you and your dog and importantly your car we certainly have the following to help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Most pet shops don't actually stock dog ramps as they are perceived to be a niche product and are a large item that does not return a high value per square foot of retail area. Pets At Home will be the exception to this as they do sell a ramp called the Coopers dog ramp, but this a very lightweight dog ramp that is very flimsy, without an anti-slip surface and this should be avoided at all cost.

Whenever you are looking to buy your dog ramp the following key factors need to be considered;

The weight of the dog

The weight of your dog is of paramount importance as every ramp has a load capacity. If the weight of your dog exceeds this or even gets near the capacity the ramp will definitely flex and with ongoing use will in the end rest. Should your dog fall from a ramp that collapses it will certainly lose any confidence to use a ramp or in worst cases hurt itself. Some ramps flex more than others and this is a really important consideration when deciding which ramp to buy.

The vehicle to fit the ramp to

You should know the height of your vehicle of the boot space if you are thinking about to get your dog into the rear space or boot of your motor vehicle. The higher your vehicle the longer the ramp you will need. Most dogs like a very gentle inclination, and certainly if your dog is nervous or hasn't used a ramp before then the reduced the incline the better.

The best way to determine the incline of the dog ramp is to take a tape measure and put one end of the tape onto the bumper of your vehicle then assess the length of the stated ramp and with the other end of the tape touch the ground, from the side you will be able to get an idea of the slope of the ramp.

Your fitness and strength 

some dog ramps can be heavy and difficult to maneuver. Whilst lifting ramps is certainly lighter than lifting your dog the actual weight of these need to be considered particularly if you are older or frail. Most people try to choose a ramp that is as light as possible, but as the weight of each ramp differs is something that you will need to study in detail.

It is clear that every buyer has a unique set of conditions, they will have a different breed of dog, a different age of the dog, a different vehicle and thus many other unique factors, yet there are only a relatively few different types of dog ramps available. For this reason, it is very clear that there must be agreement when making that difficult decision as to which dog ramp to buy.